The Armless Girl


The armless girl I know best is Louise Capps Hill, from Gunbarrel City, Texas, a village about 60 miles southeast of Dallas. Louise came to our show at the State Fair of Texas for a job in 1979. She was divorced, with two children. Louise met her husband Bruce Hill, a man who drove nails and ice picks into his nose, with our show in 1984. The only word to describe Louise is remarkable. An Indian girl, she was adopted by a teacher, Mrs. Capps, who raised her. Mrs. Capps firmly implanted the idea that Louise could do anything anyone else could do, in fact she can do more than most others. She has an elegant hand, OOPS, I mean foot-writing, she dances, swims, plays guitar, embroiders, operates farm machinery, figure roller skates, is an avid horsewoman, drives a car or truck with a class A Texas license. By 1986, her daughter Nola was a teenage beauty working as one of our showgirls.
When I cast her for the motion picture "Being Different" in 1980, the director of the film, Harry Raske declared Louise the star of the film.


Ward Hall

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