"Three Legged Man"


Frank Lentini the "Three Legged Man" came to the United States from his native Italy, as a young man for Ringling Barnum Circus. He possessed three developed legs, and two sets of sexual organs. In his demonstration, he would kick a football the length of the tent with his third leg.
He also appeared at Coney Island and spent many years with the Wanous Family Show.
In 1963 his ambition led him to have his own ten in one sideshow. I had a small show called "Pygmy Village" that season in which Pete Terhurne did the entire show. At Nebraska State Fair we were competitors.
For my show to work I had to have Franks permission since his was the main attraction.
Knowing he was vain in regards to his drawing power as an attraction after telling him of my conflicting acts, I said "Of course we both know the people don't come to your show because of a fire eater or snake charmer. They all want to see you, for there is only one Lentini"!  He certainly agreed with that statement and as we worked in competition, we remained friends. After completing his contractual obligations, he closed his show and returned to the Wanous Show, where he remained until fatal illness struck him down while traveling between towns.


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