Greetings. My name is Paul White. All my life, since I was a young lad, I have been interested and fascinated by sideshows and sideshow folks.

About a year ago I met a man named James, who actually worked on a circus sideshow, back in the 1940s, lived the life, and was accepted in to the outer circle of the inner circle of the freaks.


James was the Outside Talker for the sideshow. We became pen pals. Here I share with you some of the letters he has sent me through the years.

I retyped the letters to share with you, but left intact all the grammatical errors so as to let the flavor of his letters come through.



Letters from James

and other Amazing Accounts

The Wild Boy of Argentina

Pt-1 AKA The Rubber Boy of Luis Guillon

The Wild Boy of Argentina

Pt-2 The Creature

The Wild Boy of Argentina

Pt-3 Negrito's Behavior

The Wild Boy of Argentina

Pt-4 The Search for Negrito

The Wild Boy of Argentina

Pt-5 Negrito Finds a Family

Letter from James - A Fictional Account
Letter from James 2 - A Fictional Account




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