The Wild Boy of Argentina




 Letter from James 5

A Fictional Account


Soon after Negrito was captured in Luis Guillon, circus around the country begun displaying “wild children.” Some even claimed that they had the “real” wild boy from Luis Guillon. That is the reason why circuses where targeted to search for Negrito.

Five circuses were located that carry in their show a wild child or children. Four of those cases, sadly, were retarded children being exploited by making them act in a wild way. In three cases, the “wild children” were removed and sent to local asylums. In the forth case it was learned that the child in question was of normal understanding. His father had taught him how to act “wild” and it appeared not to be abused.

More reports kept coming in of wild children from around the country and even nearby countries, but they proved fruitless.

Almost a year later we received a telegraph from a scout for Circo Argentina in Ipacarai, Paraguay. The scout was Mr. Gallo. Mr. Gallo reported that a circus in Asuncion advertised a “rubber boy.” The rubber boy was reported to be a child with dark features that communicated with his hands when away from the public. This child was, for the spectacle, kept in a cage where he growled at the public, then contorted his body while being given commands by a woman named Isabel, who informed the audience that she was working on rehabilitating this unfortunate child who was found running wild in the jungles of the Amazon region. This child was presented as part of the “phenomenon” or freakshow of the circus.

Negrito was appearing along side some strange individuals, including an apple head boy, a living werewolf, a miget, an a fakir.

The living werewolf was an unique person named Pablo Blanco. He was cover facially with hair looking like a cinema wolf man. Negrito seem to trust him, and am told they became good friends.

An investigator named Enrique Nazer was sent to Paraguay to find and identify this while child. He took pictures, and written material to make an acknowledgement of Negrito. With help from the Asuncion authority the visited Circo Paniagua. The circus owner, Mr. Paniagua, co-operated with the constable and Mr. Nazer; when introduced to them, the child growled and tried to hide. Mr. Blanco assured him that he was safe. He was not to be hurt. Mr. Nazer called out, “Negrito!” The child stopped, almost confused, he gave a look to Mr. Nazer, and ran to hide by behing Mr. Blanco by Isabel's side.

This was Negrito! Mr. Paniagua showed documents that showed that an administrator of the Monte Grande Institute gave Negrito into his care; the document showed that Negrito was given a “chance” to raise money for his own rehabilitation. Additionally, Mr. Paniagua had paper work from the authority in Buenos Aires where arrangement was being made to bring Negrito back to Argentina, at the end of the season. The Buenos Aires authority felt that they might have found Negrito's family.

Mr. Nazer was invited to stay for a few days to observe Negrito's new life. Negrito seemed content where he was. He enjoyed the reaction of the audience and played up his “wild side” as an actor would show off in front of his public. Before each show, Negrito, with Isabel's help would wet his body and roll on dirty, then use a burnt wine cork to darken his face, making look dirtier.

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