The Wild Boy of Argentina




 Letter from James 5

A Fictional Account


Miss Rosita made remarkable progress with Negrito. Expert believe that he must have been in the wild since an age when he was able to walk up right, otherwise, he would, as in other cases of feral children, walk on all fours, or crawl on his knees and hands. He appears to be eight or nine years old. Miss Rosita observe that Negrito knew of many items presented to him, even knew their purpose. He knew how to put on a hat, and how to hold a spoon, even though he would not use it. He would pick up shoes and put them next to his feet to show that he knew its purpose.

When he needed to urinate, Negrito just did it, whether he was walking, or standing in place. When a physical movement of nature called, he squatted and did what he must regardless of where he was or who might be around him. However, he did not do it around where his food was placed.

When around dogs, he did not bark as domesticated dogs do, but made strange noises as wild dogs or wolves made in the wild. Some of the canines seemed afraid of him; others amazingly appeared to communicate with him. When “communicating” with dogs, Negrito showed a neutral face. However, when angry he growled and shows his teeth.

A particular trait of Negrito was that he liked children and women, but would growl and try to bite most grown males. Negrito begun to make friends with some of the younger patients and some of the nurses in the asylum, another interesting trait was that when disciplined physically by a known person, he would just lay there in a submissive position. However, if the punisher were unknown to him, Negrito would go into a wild uncontrollable rage against that individual, even causing bodily harm to the punisher.

Speech was still an issue. He made no attempt to communicate with words. He would growl or whine to be understood. This was frustrating Miss Rosita. Another teacher suggested teaching him the language of the deaf, sign language. Negrito learned sign language fast, and was soon communicating his needs via sign language.

Negrito continued to make progress by all account, and suddenly, one day he was gone. All the authority personal of the institution claimed that they did not know what happened to him. Some say that while Negrito received more freedom of movement within the asylum, he took the opportunity to run away.

Miss Rosita was heart broken; she insisted she did not know why he would run away. He was making such great progress and seemed happy in his new “civilized” life. Because of public outcry, the Monte Grande commandant recruited people to investigate and search for Negrito.

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