The Wild Boy of Argentina




 Letter from James 5

A Fictional Account


The first night, team one and team three reported hearing a lot of dogs barking and a lot of people running to their houses. Team two reported hearing howls coming from beyond the cemetery area where there is a public garbage dump, but concluded by the sounds that it was likely some pranksters making the noises, as they sounded human, and there are no wolves in this area. Local insisted that it was the creature, a werewolf, making those noises.


The second night team number two (Officer Arenas, and Officer Cabrera were in team number two.) set up a facade near the dumpsite and waited. Around eleven at night they heard noises, they went to investigate. Suddenly, Officer Arenas reports, several wild dogs were startled, and growled at them, Officer Arenas fire one shot from his pistol and the dogs begun to run. Without warning a bizarre and grotesque form jumped up and ran behind the fleeing dogs. Officer Cabrera yelled and ran the opposite direction. Officer Arenas watch in amazement, and kept his form. Being dark he could not identify what he saw, but it was a creature running on two legs, in a strange gait, and appeared to have long hair.


Team number three (Officer Mendoza and Mr. Torres made up team number three.) heard the shot, and begun to move toward the cemetery. In the darkness, they saw the silhouette of a pack of dogs running toward them. Officer Mendoza, at once, took his service revolver and shot the two lead wild dogs. As they fell, the other canines scattered. Suddenly they heard an ear shattering inhuman shriek as they saw a child like creature running and falling on one of the dogs. It tried to make the dog get up. No use. The creature continued whimpering, and shrieking. It obviously was mourning for the fallen wild dog.


As officer Arenas and officer Cabrera approached, in amazement, they all realized that this was a small child, a young boy! He was dirty, and his hair dark and matted as if wool from a black sheep.


Mr. Torres tried to capture the child, but it fought like a wild animal, biting, and growling fearlessly. It's interesting to see that this feral child did not try to use his fingers to scratch or grab, kept his arms flailing on his sides. It finally took four grown man to restrain him.


The next morning he was taken, secretly to avoid the media hype, to an institution for the mentally retarded in Monte Grande. There they tried to “tame' him, rehabilitate him. They tried reward and punishment as well as positive reinforcement. It was very difficult. And his constant growling and shrieking was upsetting the staff and interned patients as well. A local teacher/nurse for the institution, named Miss Rosita, begin to make progress. He took a liking to her, and seemed at ease when she was around. Because of his dark feature it was believed that this child might be of indigenous decent. He was given the name “Negrito.”


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