Payin' the High Rent

Part 8


by the Curator


Now Rick continued to work the Box .. while The Curator observed.. By raisin the price to $3 did not speed up the line..Nor did it make the folks inside the tent hurry along faster… However, It did raise the gross 50%...(do the math).. Now this The Curator noticed! Yet it was too simple, yet effective…After awhile Rick left the Box and The Curator took over.. Eventually the night ended, The Day had been Huge for the BCS…The Curator thanked Rick for his Help and slept like a baby….The BCS went on to have the Biggest Fair of its short existence (up to that point)…Since that fateful night The Curator learned many “tricks”of the Box to further make the BCS more efficient…What the Curator learned is that workin a ticket Box is a study in itself…I am not talkin about Short change, but rather the difference of maximizing a Gross under all circumstances…..Ricks time-worn simple solution opened the Door for the Curator to devote more time in the study of the “Box” and now treats it as a “Art”, a necessary Art if one wishes to survive into today's Climate, in short “its not just collectin money…But a whole lot more”…

The BCS hit a “Homerun in Tulsa” its coffers were full. The BCS went on to play 3 more Fairs in Georgia with mixed results, headed home for 2 weeks, then Boarded a ship and set sail for San Juan Puerto Rico….It had survived the “Season from Hell”….Along the way The Curator learned the Value of Friends in this Business, He had talked to the “King” who told him “ I don’t know if we would have survived what you went through” Of course they would of survived! He is the King because they HAVE survived for over 50 years..But it was nice The King said it anyway, Not only is he the King, but a Gentleman foremost. Rick West and the Star Farm operation have been a extreme help in the survival of the BCS over the years and Ricks ear has always been open to the Curators calls…We cherish his friendship and will forever be grateful for all that he does… The BCS went on to play Milwaukee a year after it was thrown out.. and also returned to Tulsa..Since then it has headed West to find New adventures, make New friends..all while… “Payin the High Rent’……..

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