Payin' the High Rent

Part 7


by the Curator


Finally, the phone started ringing….just before it went to voice-mail…Rick answered ”Big Night!”,


“NO Rick” The Curator replied,


“We are jammed up. Dead in the water!” …..Rick said “That’s a good problem, don’t worry I’ll be right over.. and what ever I do or say…REMEMBER, its all Hollywood!” the phone went dead.


Now Our Hero (Sorry again) The Curator patiently waited for Ricks arrival…No, that’s BS! .. The Curators Heart raced…seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours!…where’s Rick. Where’s Rick was all that raced through the Curators mind!


Now The Curator had first met Rick 2 years earlier at the Lake Co. Fair in Crown Pt. IN… They had become friends and Rick being a veteran of shows (over 45 yrs.) had been generous with his vast knowledge…For some reason he took a liking to The Curator and the BCS..and The Curator thought the world of Rick… However, What could Rick do to solve this problem???


The Curator had no clue. He was on Edge, but deep down he had faith Rick could solve his Dilemma…But How?… Yet, still no Rick…


In the distance The Curator spotted Rick.. He was headed toward the BCS.


Although he was not running (as The Curator had hoped) he was moving at a hurried pace, making his way through the crowd that filled the Midway. As Rick got closer..The Curators heart beat faster and faster.. When Rick was about ten feet from the ticket box.. he hollered “What the Hells the matter with YOU!, I told you to change the $2 matinee sign to the evening price of $3!!..Geez I go to eat Dinner and nobody listens!, NOW go get that sign!”


The Curator leaped from the box and scrambled along the Bannerline, took a hard left to head behind the show to retrieve the sign.. Behind him Rick had climbed in the Box and took over. (although in The Curators mind he had taken over as soon as He arrived!). The Curator grabbed the $3 sign and sprinted back…changed the signs on both ticket boxes as Rick hollered, “Hurry up now!” When the last one was in place…A Miracle happened, Well, Not really, but in the eyes of the Curator it did! As you remember, the Lines leading up to the ticket box extended nearly 60’, But as the Curator put the $3 sign in place ..Nobody fact they just reached in their pockets and pulled out another $1 dollar bill to adjust to the increase they all had just witnessed!...The first people up politely asked Rick NOT to Fire the Curator! Which Rick responded back “I’ll think about it” as he collected their money!....

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