Payin' the High Rent

Part 6


by the Curator


The Tulsa State Fair Opens!!…Well, sort-of…Its preview night! All rides are a Dollar…So the Curator lowers his price to a dollar… Rick’s prophesy turns out to be correct, Rick had said “there has not been a Banner front here in six years” and Rick was right! The Folks are pouring in…At the end of the Night, The Curator counts his receipts and is Happy beyond his wildest dreams, however he is cautious, the BCS only charged a Dollar, the Big test will be tomorrow when it goes for Full price…


Never the less.. The Curator’s hopes and spirits are finally soaring….

Now it is Friday, the price is $2.00 young or old…it starts out slow in the morning but by late afternoon the crowds appear and the BCS is well on its way… NOTHING could stop it now…or could it!…. They way it Looked, the ONLY thing that could stop the Curator now, is Bad Weather… However the skies were clear and the temperature perfect…


Friday turned out to be a Winner!…The Curator got a good nights sleep and was ready to roll Saturday morning. When the BCS opened that morning the crowds came…the tent stayed ¾‘s full all day. Then at around 5:00 pm… It happened!…Disaster struck!.. How?, What? …Well, the Tent jammed up with people. How could that be a Disaster you ask, You see when the top is full…sales screech to a snails pace…and the BCS was just getting to prime time…


The Curator heart started to pump…faster and faster, by now the line to the ticket box stretched 60’ ft across the Midway! A bead of sweat appeared on the Curators forehead…at first, The Curator thought of pulling some attractions, but he couldn’t, the tent was FULL and that would create a uproar of complaints from the 100’s of Folks inside the tent!…The Curator dialed his phone to call Rick…but the Fairgrounds was packed…the towers were jammed money was being LOST…The BCS was rockin but not rollin…HOW could this be? Sure by being jammed up, with Folks lined up to go in the BCS was making money but losing a LOT of money at the same time!….


The Curator tried calling Rick again….


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