Payin' the High Rent

Part 5 


by the Curator


Arriving in Tulsa, The Curator parks in the parking lot and surveys the Lot looking for the lotman so he can get his loke…The lotman tells him he won’t be able to spot him till later, in the afternoon…So the Curator seeks out Rick West…He finds Rick setting up his 3 grind shows. Rick has played Tulsa for years and asks the Curator if he has his loke yet…When Rick hears the Curator hasn’t, Rick assures him there has not been a Banner front in Tulsa for nearly 6 years and it should be prime…


Later, when the BCS is spotted and setting up, Rick stops by and says “Holy Smokes!, I think you have a Winner here!” hearing Rick’s assessment eases the Curators mind as now he had 2 of the Formula in his Favor. (Location)


Now even though the Curator has 1. Proposition and 2. Location in his favor…he still isn’t out of the woods…You see, the 3rd , Operation. (His) has never been proven…Sure the Curator framed the BCS from the ground up.


However, he is/was a Circus guy, his knowledge of over 25 years in the Circus put the BCS together based on those experiences…A circus is set up like a 7 course meal, with the Circus guiding the Public to each course. BIG difference when working a Carnival lot…You see a Carnival is not a 7 course meal , but rather a “pitch till you win” (Buffet) and at a “Pitch” the Choices are many and in no particular order with No guarantee. Whereas the Circus has a fine tuned order, the Carnival is every man for himself…

Yet, now the Curator finds himself in a unique situation, Having the “Right” prop and a Prime Loke, But will his operation hold up? Sure, he will make money, (Can’t miss with prop and Loke in his Favor) But will he be able to maximize his effort and GET big money? (Hit a Homerun)…That question will be only answered when he opens…


The Curator sleeps well…everything is set…just waiting for the Tulsa State Fair to open…


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