Payin' the High Rent

Part 4 


by the Curator


Now if you ever been to Vegas…Las Vegas that is, Then you have probably seen over at the Craps table a ‘High Roller” I mean where folks are crowding the table to watch…Where on each side of the Gambler in Question are 2 High dollar Broads ,you know the type, Vivacious broads, BIG money Gals , Beautiful, Gorgeous Girls…Also Folks trying to get a glimpse..The same folks wishin they could be that Gambler…, who at the Shake of the Dice, Fortunes made, Fortunes lost…


Now The Curator Found himself in that position…Holdin the Dice!…There were No Beautiful Gals at his side…Yet there were plenty of Folks watching, Some in his corner, some not…The Curator was No high falutin High Roller, He wasn’t Cool and Collect…He had sweat on his brow, and his right hand had a quiver…They were watchin a funeral….Some thought “Why?” while others screamed “Snake Eyes!!!!”….


….Now The Curator had an option, you see back in Amarillo when the Fair opened The carnival owner , at Amarillo had stopped by, Looked the BCS over, and said “You can play any of my Dates, in fact, why don’t you follow us to Waco?’ The Curator replied” appreciate that, But I’m goin to Tulsa’ gonna give that Carnival 1 more chance to make it Right”….So, what The Curator knew, That the nay-sayers didn’t….was this…Mr. Murphy owner of Murphy Bros. Exposition had told the Curator, “Look, Tulsa’s my Home town, if they throw you out…I will personally write you a Check,( 5-figures) plus if you set-up…I’ll reduce the rent…


Ok, Kid?”.Now in the US you need 3 things to be successful with a Sideshow…

1. A solid Proposition…(a deal that allows you to make money)

2.A Good Location…


3. A solid operation…(a Framed out show and workings that enables the operator to “Harvest” the $$$$)

So our Hero (Sorry) The Curator had 1 of the 3 already in his pocket! (proposition)….So as the BCS headed Northeast he figured,.. He was on a “Roll”……

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