Payin' the High Rent

Part 3


by the Curator


Meanwhile, down on earth the Curator was a pitchin …and just like that…
Words began to flow from his mouth like they never had before….Now the Curator can’t remember what he said…But by the time he quit talking…Ole Virgil said YES…However, he said he couldn’t spot us till tomorrow.


No problem!


The Curator started driving back to the truck stop when his phone rang,

when he answered it, Ole Virgil said Come on back, I found your loke. The Curator thru a “U” turn and when he returned to the fairgrounds Virgil had a spot right at the front gate! Even tho the BCS couldn’t be spotted till morning.. The Curator was feeling good!


On the way back to the Truck stop he Booked 2 rooms and 1 big corral at the “Big Texan steakhouse, (This establishment has a Hotel and corrals for folks traveling with horses) The BCS got a good nights sleep (critters included ) to be cont.

The BCS did well at the fair and it was back on its feet…But it was late in the season and the Curator, still needing a Bank-roll to survive the winter….made the call…to Book Tulsa….WHY? You ask? Well he could of played out the season at small Festivals and Fairs, played it Safe if you will. However, The Curator was on a Roll or so he thought….He decided…To go for Broke!!…..Well, not exactly …you see, the BCS had scratch in its coffers again, But a winter of “Greeting at Wal-mart” was in the Curators future….Forget the Roll…This is the REAL reason he went to Tulsa….if he HIT…No Wally World….Yet he never thought If He missed….he’d lose everything….


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