Payin' the High Rent

Part 2 


by the Curator


WRONG!…the Carnival that plays it says it has no space…So I ask them “mind if I book with the Fair” they reply,” see Virgil…he’s the Fair Mgr, He won’t book ya, but you can ask him” Now the Curator was down to $2600 …in the whole world mind you…So the Curator headed to the Office and started Pitching , He pitched like his Life depended on it…HE pitched Like he never pitched in his Life, ….Now the SS gods had backed him into a corner …Hell ,they walked him to the Edge of a Cliff, and that’s when it happened My friends…the SS gods had the Curator not only on the ROPES but had it wrapped around his NECK…and that is the Precise moment when Slim Kelly sitting on a Cloud with the other SS gods spoke…”Ya, Know, if we let that Curator go down, We won’t ever be able to F*** with him again!” Dick Best and Pete Hennen agreed, and the gods decided to Help! Not because they Liked The Curator, but rather because if he went down…they would no-longer have anyone to mess with….

But up to the point in the Story they were acting on Good Faith...Shows HAD played Milwaukee upto the Switch of Mgrs that year...New Mexico?,.. they had called ahead and assured me there would be no problems...Perhaps the Fair Mgr. there did not comprehend what exactly I had?...It was frustrating to say the least, In Fact, it did cross my mind "These Guys are tryin to Bankrupt me!" and up to this part of the story...for all practical purposes...


They Had...


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