Payin' the High Rent

Part 1 


by the Curator


I paid the high rent…not by choice really. I sorta backed into it. You see, it was my 3rd year out on the carnival trail, When I received a call from a US prominent Showman, Some call him “The King” in fact he is the King…now the King asks me “ How would you like to play Milwaukee?. of course I would but how? Now the King says…We got a offer to play it, but can’t, cause of prior commitments so we are passing it on to you! Great! So he gives me the contact info and by God I’m booked…so I change a few dates around and lo-and behold I’m in Milwaukee for the WI State Fair! Now I wait 2 days for a location, On the 3rd day the Mgmt of the carnival comes to me and Says “No go, they have a new Fair Mgr. here and he doesn’t like SS’s…..But don’t worry, we will make it up to you, You can play Albuquerque (New Mexico State Fair) later this month What choice do I have, so I agree…I get on the Horn (phone) and book 2 spots, not BIG spots, but little spots to hold me over…We did OK but nothing to write home about….Now the BCS finds itself just outside Cincinnati OH …Now it’s a long way to Albuquerque …about 1200 miles and being on a shoe string Budget (thanks to losin Milwaukee) We head west, 2 trucks, 2 trailers and 1 desperate Curator. Well we made it, were given a “A” location and we set-up….Now the Curator is feeling optimistic….that is till the Day before the Fair…You see, I learned a lesson that day, a lesson like I never learned before….a lesson most folks learn at a early age but for some reason had bypassed the Ole Curator…you know what that lesson was???….”Don’t count your chickens BEFORE they HATCH!”

Unbeknownst to the Carnival Mgmt. The New Mexico State Fair has a By-law that reads NO SS’s allowed!!! I was told to tear-down promptly and get outta town! Now the Carnival, feeling bad says “Look, why don’t ya come to Tulsa at the end of the month?” The Curator tryin to keep his “cool” tells them I’ll let you know….We tear-down the BCS and head east ….

….Now if you never been out west…its not like Jolly old England ( where you can chuck a rock and clip a Limey in any direction) Its open, OPEN and wide, Hell you can fire a Howitzer and the Texans don’t even notice…Anyhow, we head east…Now The Curator is getting worried, REAL worried, the BCS’s funds have dwindled Hell, you get chucked out 2 State Fairs…Gives New meaning to “What’s in YOUR wallet” But East we head…Now another problem then was in the vast area of Eastern New Mexico there is very little cell phone service, and the Curator needs a spot, Can’t book a spot if you can’t call…So our Luckless troupers (Curator and Chris, Did I mention Chris?) roll into Amarillo TX. Set up camp in the T/A Truck stop and the Curator goes to work trying to find a spot…BY GOD …The Tri-State Fair opens in Amarillo in a week from Friday …Hell its Thursday now we may be in LUCK!


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