The Judy Tomaini Rock Series

Judy Tomaini Rock is the oldest daughter of Al and Jeanie Tomaini.  She is a person with many abilities and interests.  In her younger years she was an artist and fashion model. She is an artist in her own right and her writings have been published.  Her interests are quite diverse.

She has trained, raced and even ridden bucking horses. She has taught scuba diving to children, driven race cars, raised several breeds of dogs, was as a supervisor for an engineering company and worked as a marine surveyor.  

Most recently she has worked as a special investigator and record researcher for attorneys and law enforcement as a hobby.  She is a avid collector of autographed and Victorian memorial photos.  She has collected and raised exotic animals such as Parrots, Snakes and even an Emu.  Judy had a albino python named Vanilla and belly danced with her snakes.  She is a mother of  two and the grandmother of Alex Zander who is following his great grandparents and grandmother into the business.

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The Series



The Bea-ginning Of Jeanie

09-20-2003 Part 1

Land Of Milk & Honey

09-25-2003 Part 2

A Nice Meal On The Back Lot

10-07-2003 Part 3

It Was A Hard Time For All

10-08-2003 Part 4

Not To Be Trusted

10-30-2003 Part 6

A New Beginning

 01-30-2004 Part 7

It was the place to go!

04-21-2004 Part 12

The Chosen Baby

11-08-2004 Part 20




Candy Apple


Giants Camp


Partners In Crime


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