The Knock at the Door was Heavy Handed. As had been, the Footfalls......Porch

Part 15 of the Judy Tomaini Rock Series


The knock at the door was heavy handed. As had been, the footfalls on the front porch. And it was quite early in the morning. Al got up and answered it. A baby was crying, as was the large woman standing there, with a paper bag full of baby clothes. Jeanie heard the loud voices, speaking in Italian, it was Al and his baby sister Louise. She was the only sister the Tomaini boys had. Jeanie knew enough of Italian, to understand what was going on. A very bittersweet moment, as the realization of the heated conversation, sunk in. But every time more than one Tomaini, was with any other Tomaini, they had a bad habit of trying to talk over each other, and to accomplish this, they would just get louder. Louise was crying harder, as Al being the older brother, was demanding to know what was going on, and how could she do what she wanted to do.

When Jeanie came out to the living room, Al calmed down a bit, and by then Judy was crying too. Jeanie calmed her down, and was holding Louise's baby Michael, to quiet him, and change his wet diaper. When the conversation calmed down a bit, Louise was begging Al to take the baby. She didn't want him, and was leaving town with another guy, and the baby was an anchor, and cramped her style. At first Al and Jeanie were trying to make Louise know, if she left him it would be permanent, and not to come back in a month and say, I want my kid. Mickey as they called him, was a bit slow, from being ignored for so long, and under fed. Louise was very young, and didn't worry about having a child, she just wanted to have fun.

Jeanie was reluctant to take him, not that she didn't want him, but because she did want him. And adopting Judy was a different story. That had been handled by an attorney. And with Mickey being a blood relation to Al, she just wanted to give him back to Louise. By then, Louise was begging Jeanie, to please take him. And she would never bother them again, just give the baby a good home. And he could be the son, that Al had always wanted. And the baby was already half Tomaini. Mickey was a sad little boy, and had been just left alone so long, he was afraid of everything. Even though he was only a year younger than Judy, he was very slow at learning things, that little kids his age, already knew. Judy was so happy to have a little brother, Bootsie took a back seat to him. She being a female, was put out, because a new little person, had disrupted her life. So she would nip at him, if he got too close to Judy. Or if no one was looking.

Mickey thrived, on the love that flowed to him, from his new Mom and Dad and big sister. He started to walk and talk, but the house breaking was a problem, but eventually he caught on. He was a very good little boy, just slowed down from the neglect. He put on weight, but was quiet for a little 2 year old boy. He had spent so much time alone, he was content to just play with a toy all by himself. He had never been around other kids, so he didn't know how to play with them.

The family went out on the road that summer, and Jeanie was so happy, to have a little Boy and a little Girl. She would dress him in little suits, tie and starched shirt, any time they went anywhere. And Judy was always prissy anyway, and wanted "whirly" skirts, with bows and ruffles, any thing girlie would do. Since she had the old costumes, from the Sideshow, to play in, and the Doll family would bring her tiny high heal shoes, when she was 2 and 3 years old. Her Dad was breaking her in to talking the bally, when she was only 2 years old. The family was just about complete.

The travel time on the road, was never a problem with two babies. The family car, was always the biggest one Al could find, as when the seat rails were moved back, the front seat, would turn the back seat, into a play pen. No one could sit in the back seat, unless they sat on their feet. And there was no gap, that a baby could fall into. By having the rails moved, when the seat was back, there was also more room in front of Jeanie. Having no legs, it was very easy for Judy to lay on the seat in front of her, while Mickey stood between her and Al, hanging on to his shoulder. In those days, there were no car seats, or seat belts for the passengers. Though the cars were built much better, and held up better in a crash. Even with all the traveling, cross country, Al never had an accident, which is hard for anyone to say. And he would automatically throw his arm out, to keep anyone from flying off the seat, when he put on the brakes. Many times he was a little too helpful, and would catch Jeanie unaware, and knock the wind out of her. He was just trying to help, and didn't think about his big hands, in motion. Jeanie got smart real fast, and would stick her stiff arm out, to catch herself on the dash.

The carnivals moved less often that the Circus did, so once you were set up for a carnival or fair, you had at least a week to stay in one place. The family could plan the trip when they left home for the season. They would book shows that would end up in Indiana and New Jersey. That way, they could either go visit the family members, or entertain them at the show grounds. All they had to do, was mention Tomaini at the gate, and they would get a pass.

The season flew by, and it was time to head home again. Since the family, was now 4, any spare time was taken up playing with the kids. Jeanie had a wash tub painted "Baby Wash Only". And on the hot muggy days, would fill it half full of water, and Judy and Mickey, would "swim" in it. Mostly just splash water, but it was a very simple way, to make two little kids happy. And Jeanie and Al were also very happy. They had it all, but the most important thing to them, was the children and good friends. And having a love affair, that would never be over, for the "World's Strangest Married Couple"...

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