Oh, I didn't mention, they changed the baby's name!!

Part 13 of the Judy Tomaini Rock Series


The Tomaini's, still had an empty spot in their hearts. When one of their friends, mentioned they knew a girl that was expecting a baby, but didn't want it. In 1946, you never knew what you were going to get, till you got it. They wanted the baby, no matter what it was. And now the long wait. They were still going on the road every year, so they got a bigger travel trailer, and started to remodel, the second bedroom in the house. The Sideshow was making so much money, they were not ready to stop having a summer vacation, that they were getting paid for taking.

The time was flying by then, waiting for the baby. Being on the road, the people would mob the Sideshow, which wouldn't give them much time to count the days. Since the one expecting the baby, was the girlfriend, of one of their closest friends. She was a dancer in their girlshow, and was expecting at the same time as his wife. Johnny and Roxanne Ornellas, had ups and downs, and this was a down time. Sherry Panay, the girlfriend, who was really Vera Ampero Hastings Thuma, was due the same time as Roxanne. Roxanne already had a little girl, Sylvia. And was hoping for a boy. Roxanne knew about the long affair Johnny and Sherry had, and was quite upset. But now it was over, and they just wanted to find good parents for the baby.


The Tomaini's never knew it was Johnny's baby. Just that it was the girl that worked for them.

On April 27, 1946, at the Tampa Municipal hospital, was born, Sherry Christine Thuma. 7lb 7oz blond, blue eyed, baby girl. She was named by her birth Mother, who's last name now is Bass. The baby couldn't be taken to the Tomaini's at that time, as she had stomach problems, and had to stay in the hospital for a month. And after that, Roxanne's Mother kept her till Al and Jeanie, were having a week layover, and could come and pick her up. And the social worker, had a chance to make sure, they were the good people she had been told they were. They picked her up on August 14, 1946, which Jeanie always called her and the baby's anniversary. That date, many years down the road, would be remembered differently, but just as important as it was that day.

It had been decided, the adoption would not take place right away. They were afraid if they went into court, and ask to adopt a baby, they would be turned down, as how would Jeanie, ever take proper care of a tiny baby. So that was the beginning of their life of parents. The trailer was ready for the new addition. And never was a baby loved, the way they loved her. They had such good help on the Sideshow, they didn't have to worry, about moving the show to the next town. All they had to do was arrive at the new town, and everything would be set up and ready to open.

The whole show turned out, to welcome the new arrival. They didn't tell anyone but a few friends, as they were afraid to have another loss, like back in 41'. When they got past the crowd, and opened the door of the trailer, they were greeted by a home cooked dinner, and a huge pile of gifts, for the new baby. They had it all, and they had worked hard, for all of it. Jeanie had no problem at all, taking care of the new baby. And also did her act, many times a day. To them, this was the icing on the cake. Jeanie always dressed her new baby in starched tiny dresses, and would wash them by hand, wring them out, smooth them out on the big mirror to dry. It was such a simple thing, that helped her be independent. When the baby got a little older, she would be in the playpen, right behind Jeanie's stage.

Oh, I didn't mention, they changed the baby's name, when they got her, and from then on would be known as Judith Diane Tomaini....

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