It was the place to go!

Part 12 of the Judy Tomaini Rock Series


Time marches on... The trailer park was full the first winter, and the cottages were rented by the night, week, month or the winter. The ones that were here every winter, were the ones like family. There were two brothers, and their wives, and one of their cousins, that came down every year, for over 20 years. They took the three original cottages in the front. After a few years, they would invite their friends down too. They would take the two other front cottages.


Jeanie continued to do the laundry, which kept the washer and dryer going, all day every day, and the part she really didn't like, was the mangle iron. She also cleaned all the cottages, and Al finally discovered how over worked she was. She would never let on, she had too much to do, and she just did it. She was just so happy to have a good business, she never complained. Al had the caretakers, that ran the camp in the summer, but Jeanie thought they should have a vacation too. They did help her with the delivering of the food, she had cooked for the restaurant. Which had also taken off. It was the place to go. There had never been a real restaurant in town. The closest, was 10 miles away in Tampa. Al and Jeanie decided, if they lease the restaurant to someone else, it would free up a lot of time for Jeanie. They still had a say, over what was and wasn't done there. Which was a wise decision on their part. Al wanted a restaurant, not a "Beer Joint", like it was in the past.


On the land by the marina, which was always referred to as the point, Al put up a pole barn and picnic tables. Also built a couple of grills for cook outs. The Greater Tampa Showman's club, had a lot of their parties there. Al welcomed any clubs or associations to come there to party, and also Birthdays for kids, or adults, were always welcomed. There got to be so many wanting to use the point, they had to take reservations. There was always, something going on there on the weekends. There were not many places to be by the water, and have enough room to turn kids loose, with no worry of them getting hit by a car.


The Giant's Camp was known far and wide, as the place to go in Florida. Which in later years would be, Disney World. In the heyday of the Camp, it thrived. And most of the money made went right back into the business, and it was always being upgraded. There were several people that were hired, to do specific tasks. Painters, housekeepers for the motel, and a couple to work the bait house and marina. Along with the money that came to the camp, which was, the prime property in the town. First in on the right. Those of you that are with it, know that was always the best place to be. People tend to go right, when shopping, or going to the fair. Most are right handed and right oriented. Just watch some times, at a flea market,  fair, or any other place, like a big store. They migrate to the right. And tend to spend the most, in the first place they come to.


So they worked hard, to keep the place up and going. They, for the first time in their lives, were able to stop and take a breath. And not have to do without, like they had so many years on the road. They never went to bed hungry, and had their own roof over their heads. They had good help at the camp, who would always be there to do what ever needed to be done. They were good people, and had been hand picked by Al. They weren't worried about leaving for the road, as they knew all would be well at home. And that alone, was a real big weight lifted from them. They were sad to have to leave, but they knew they could come back, to something they built with their bare hands. And very good savvy, as to what was the up and coming way, to make a dime without stepping on any toes along the way...

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