A Memory - Another Snake Story


by Judy Tomaini Rock


I had the belly dancing bug back in the 80's so my girls were going to get me the best snake in the world to dance with. The one I had was pretty small, George was a nice snake, but only about the size of a broom stick. The girls had been looking for a more impressive one. One night they called me next door to Mothers, they had a surprise.


After I got in the house, they went giggling out on the porch and were caring something BIG in a king size pillow case. What ever it was, it took both of them to carry it. They put it on the floor, and the head that came slithering out, was as big as my hand. What followed was the fattest 9' boa that I have ever seen.


That snake weighed a good 80 lbs, was bigger around than my leg. How in hell I was supposed to dance with something this big, was beyond me.


Well, Charles lived in Mothers (Jeanie Tomaini) bedroom in a big cage. He was also an escape artist. Every time that snake would get out it would either find Mother, who was usually asleep on the couch when that happened. He would crawl up next to her and go to sleep. When she awoke, she would find that she had moved over in her sleep to make room for him.


The other place was up high in the bathroom window sill, which was on the south side of the house, and caught the afternoon sun.

9-18-1998 R.I.P.


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