Law Prohibiting Freak Shows

by Judy Tomaini Rock


What these Do-Gooders failed to realize, is most of the Freaks, were very happy on the road.


In my Mother case, (Jeanie Tomaini) she was supporting her whole family at 3 years of age.


The family was traveling around the country, seeing places they would have never been able to see, and having the experience of a life time. Of course, there were lean times, but never like they would have been if they stayed in Indiana.


So all the law nonsense did, was to take food out of their mouths.


Mother has always been able to make the best of a bad thing. One year for Christmas when they were off the road for the winter, They were given a tree by a neighbor that was selling them. The only problem was, nothing to decorate it with. Mother to the rescue!!! She got out the her jewelry she wore on the show, and between that, popcorn and cranberries they strung on thread, a nicer tree couldn't have been had.


The law makers should walk a mile in someone else's shoes, before they make decisions on their lives.



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