Jeanie Tomaini

by Judy Tomaini Rock


About Forty years ago, Mother had a dislocated shoulder, and it took 4 men to pull it back into the socket, because of the strength she had from lifting herself, dozens of times a day.

When it went back into place, the pop it made, sounded like a gun shot.

The Dr. said he had never seen muscle like hers, even on grown men. He told her back then, that one day something was going to give out, which it did, because your body is not made, to use your arms for legs.

As she aged she got to where she couldn't move herself around at all.

She always wore leather mittens when she went out anywhere, other than the house. Even though she had calluses on her hands, as I am sure Johnny had, it would be like walking barefooted outside.

Try it!!! It aint fun. Have you ever tried to find leather mittens in Florida??? I have, and over the years, had some real strange looks, no wonder I am the way I am.



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