The Opening of the American Dime Museum

it was a night to remember!

By Judy Tomaini Rock


I must say, this was one of the best times I have had, in many a year. It was a roaring success. Several hundred invited guest attended.

The best part, was when so many from the group, got together for the first time. Those attending from here were: Amy "The Banner Queen" Johnquest, Amy "Amsha" Kay, Harley "The Hunk" Newman, Johnny Fox, John Bradshaw, James Taylor and myself,

If I have overlooked anyone, please forgive. The opening was catered, and the best part was the candy apples, cotton candy and corn dogs.

There was also a wine table set up with several wines, red and white, there for tasting. The Girls and I soon found out, the wine guy was the one to suck up to. I had him trained so well, all I had to do was walk slowly by the table, with an empty glass in hand, and by the time I was past it, the glass was full.

Everything was as it would have been in the 30's and 40's at a real Dime Museum, minus the wine guy.

James was the official man of the hour, all decked out in his top hat, but I think he looked more like a Funeral Director, with his little furry face. Kathleen Kotcher, James' right arm, was the official greeter. We on this group, have been through so much together, it was only fitting that we all made the jump to Baltimore, for this one day show. We did just what many performers did in the past, by joining up with the show, in what ever town USA, was the spot we were booked to play.

Harley the "Hunk", put on really great entertainment, my personal favorite was the 4 nail bed, which I would have done just about anything to try. He does a great volcano, at the end of the fire eating part of his act. He did the nail bed, and had 5 people stand on his beautiful body at the end of the nailbed act.

The young man who did the Sword swallowing, and whose name escapes me at the moment, I believe they called him David, did a short sword, long sword and a crooked sword. He was a little nervous, as it is hard to perform in front of so many other performers, but I think he did a really great job, he drops them without any effort or gaging, which is a plus in my books.

Atomic Books, which is right next door, and carries just about every odd book you can imagine, was packed the whole evening. They carry the Shocked & Amazed line, and even have banner magnets for on your refrigerator, and banner night lights. They carry the Freak collector cards also. You can find them on-line at Atomic Books.

Scott, the owner was there to meet everyone, and Sarah, Scott's right arm, kept everything under control. He has some great banners on display and the paintings of Mother and Bobby Reynolds, that were used for the covers of the Shocked & Amazed magazines.

Speaking of banners, the Banner Queen did one for me of Mother that was so beautiful, I am having her do one of my Dad to match.

She brought it to me at the opening and it was the hit of the evening. Every body, that is anybody, was photographing it. I think she got some future work out of it. She does such good work, it takes your breath away. She truly is the "Banner Queen".

The bunch of us got together, for a group picture before we called it a night, and just wanted Slim to know, he was there in Spirit, and yes we did talk about him, but it was good talk, we just wished he could have been there with us. This was a night to remember, and I feel really blessed, to have the great friends I have met through this group.

R.I.P. HRH The Queen 11 3

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 Jeanie Tomaini Banner by Amy Johnquest BANNER QUEEN 2005 All Rights Reserved


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