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Slim was close to Mother, as I lived every day online with my Motherisims, example: Mother would say," When I die, just toss me over in the swamp". or "We can lose every thing we have that is material, but they can never take away our memories, and the enjoyment we had with it.".    It is funny, but I still live my life the way she taught me to. And ask myself many times a day, what would Mother do in this situation. Thank God, I was blessed with a very good Mother. Strange, but I couldn't cry when she died, because I knew she was in a much better place, and with Lisa telling me about her talking to grandma, some times, There was no fear of the unknown. With Slim, it is sadness, that I never got to actually see him in person. I am just very happy that Krista came into his life. And gave him the love and kindness he deserved.


I had been on his group almost from the beginning. It was right after Joe started it. And it was a funny thing that, one of the group had suggested we needed a King and Queen. The voting was done and we were it. He being the Old fart, and me HRH Rustie the Queen, and to Slim I was Queenie. It was silly and fun, and accepted as clean enjoyment. When any one got out of line, they were put in their place, and without question, either got it together or left. The ruffled feathers smoothed out, and everyone played nice. The main thing we didn't do is tell any one how to swallow swords, eat fire, or anything else. If they were in the business, they already knew how, and wouldn't be asking. We discouraged young kids from taking a chance of killing them selves and us being responsible for the damage. Now it isn't the same anymore. And Slim and I got discouraged. We had spent most of every day online, and it became a way of life. We never thought it would end. And it is so sad that it did. I think Slim started to die the day it was no more. He put his whole being into that site, and it is all that kept him going at times. His bad marriage before Krista, started his troubles, and like always, since then, we would console each other whenever life was the bleakest. Slim and I have been through births, deaths and failed marriages, and our combined strength saw us through it all. We literally had the world at our fingertips, when we were at our keyboards. And with this we grew. So many have touched our lives, and we have touched theirs. More than we will ever know. We bared our souls to the harsh lights of the world, and they stood beside us. When Slim invited Krista to stay at his apartment when she was coming to town to learn the ropes of the sideshow, he was worried it wouldn't be good enough for her, or what if he missed a spot cleaning, and God forbid he forgot to pick up a pair of dirty socks. He was like a little school kid, on a first date. I would get a dozen emails a day, asking what he should do about this or that. What if she didn't like him, and would have no place to stay. He was such a worry wart.


The closer the time for her to arrive, the more he worried. What if he said the wrong thing, and she left. So I told him, just remember three things, and he would be fine. Don't Belch, Fart, or say the F word, and you will be fine. He promised he would remember to pick up dirty clothes and hide them too. No dirty dishes in the sink, and just be your self. When the day finally arrived, I could tell they clicked. He told me he really loved her, from the minute she walked in the door, and she was even better in person, than online, but felt he was too old for her, and the last thing on earth he wanted to do was scare her off. I told him to just go nice and slow with the relationship, till he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. There was no question in his mind, she was the one for him. They wanted to come to Florida, and have me marry them, in an Oak Grove. I knew just the spot. About 7 miles from  Gibtown, in the middle of a little town Brandon. They didn't want to wait any longer than possible, so they had a civil wedding, and would have the Oak Grove marriage when they got to town. Like Thenigma and Katzen did when they stopped in for a visit one year. The same time Tina and I got our puzzle pieces tattooed on, by both of them. Slim pretty much kept up with what everyone was up to on his site. For a long time Slim didn't even carry on a  conversation, without every other word being Krista. Then the puppy love turned into passion, and an awaking to the new world of marriage. Un like any marriage you have ever seen. I just love the feeling in the air, when two people are as much in love as Slim and Krista. She had to go back to the UK, and while she was gone, he was totally lost. He worried so much, about if she would be back to him, or just decide to stay over there. He would tell me he was the luckiest man in the world. To have Krista and the good friends he had met online. They were his family, and when Mother died, I found out they were my family too. I got several hundred emails of sympathy, that first week she was gone. So I know where Krista is now. 


We have lost a very valuable link to the past, when we lost Slim. I only wish he could have gotten his book published, before he left on the greatest journey of his life time. I know he is up in heaven, with all the people he kept alive online. So they wouldn't be forgotten. I am trying real hard to do all the research I can on the Sideshow we had, and keep my parents light burning, along with Slim and Percilla, Melvin, and all our other family through the years. Now the torch is being passed on to Krista, to keep Slims Legacy alive too. We are all getting to the age, we never know when we will be called too.


So my challenge to everyone is, put your memories on paper, before they follow you to your grave. I have heard it said, everyone has a story, and it would be surprising the things we don't know about our friends in the business. In memory of Slim, pour your heart out in an email, any stories you want to share about yourself or about memories of Slim in the good old days. Send them to me, and I will put them together, and put them on CD's. Maybe we can help Krista, with any proceeds we can get for them. She is alone in a strange country, and needs us to be there with her.


And last but surely not least, Sleep well my friend. Good night sweet Prince...


R.I.P.  Rustie HRH, your Queenie...  



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