Does Anyone Know? Vera Ampero Hastings (aka Sherry Panay)


In the beginning of the 1900's, Anders Lundin and his wife, came to Tampa, Florida from Sweden. They settled at 2412 Chicago Ave. which is in South Tampa. To begin a family, and a new life. They had a son Anders, that died at 18, and a daughter Vera Marie Lundin.

On September 18, 1928, Vera Marie Lundin, and Charles Hedrick Hastings, were married in Tampa. Vera was a clerk at Walgreen's Pharmacy, in down town Tampa. And they still lived at the homestead property on Chicago Ave. After their marriage, they went to Charles's home land of Puerto Rico, where Vera Ampero Hastings was born. The exact date was never known. But she is expected to be now, in her early to middle 70's.


She went on to get married herself, in the early 40's to Lester Thuma Jr. in Norfolk, Virginia. As Lester was in the Navy at that time. When he shipped out, Vi as he called her, went to Wichita, Kansas, with Lester's Mother. While there she had a roving eye, and left to join the carnival, Lester divorced her. She was a dancer on the Girlshow, owned by John G. Orneallas and his wife Roxanne. Johnny was quite busy, and had an affair with Vi, who was by then know as, Sherry Panay. She was at this time expecting Johnny's love child, and his wife was also expecting a baby. Sherry was not the type, that would be tied down by a baby. So she made arrangements, to have her baby adopted at birth. As it turned out, the baby would be adopted by friends of Johnny's, though they never really knew, he was the father. His son Johnny III. was born exactly one month to the day, after his love child, a girl. She was born, April 27, 1946. In Tampa, Florida.

In 1950, Sherry was in the Miami area, when the adoption took place, and the witness was Johnny who signed the final adoption papers. And stating on the paper, that Lester Thuma Jr. whose name she used for the baby, Sherry Christine Thuma, was not his child. She never said who was, but by the witness signature, we know it was Johnny. He also told a mutual friend, that he was in fact the father.

1953 found Sherry in New York City, when these photos were taken. And it was there she met Mr. Bass, who was a camera man on a television show. She lived in West Islip NY, and by the early 80's, she was gone, just vanished. No one knew what happened to her. She just covered her tracks real well. I did find from her cousin, who is now deceased, she was at a P.O. Box number in Pompano Beach, Fl. And her residence is in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. That is where the hunt ends.

I have been told that, somewhere, from here to New York, I have two younger brothers, that were also given up for adoption. I would love to have, any information I can get on her, or my brothers. Especially my brothers. If you recognize her photos or names please contact me...



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