Forever Been Closed to Outsiders


The carnival business in general, has forever been closed to outsiders. Even to the point of having our own language, this being the way we conversed in front of "Townies" so that they wouldn't know what we were talking about.


This was usually picked up as a young child, from hearing our parents use it. Carnies, have an air of mystery about them, and I have found, if a person doesn't understand something, they either don't like it, are afraid of it, or try to make it into something all together different than it really is, so they can better understand it.


The media types have a few words they live by when something about carnivals, and sideshows comes up. Exploitation, Scam, Thieves and Killers. I go along with their questions, which we all have stock answers for, and in some cases agree with them. It is much easier than trying to explain something, they don't really know anything about.


The first time we were on the Springer show, back when we had never even heard of Jerry Springer, and when he was just starting out in the Talk Shows. He was stuck on the "How did you feel about that", and the oh, poor you thing. He never wanted to get down and discuss something that Mother, Melvin and Don Leslie did. The fact that they enjoyed every minute of their lives. Good, Bad or otherwise. It was all an experience.


The only one on the show, Sandy Allen, felt she had been exploited, and had been unhappy with the hand she had been delt.


We have gotten to be pretty picky at what interviews we give, and even then, we have been suckered into some, that have turned out to not be in our best interest.  They resorted to lies, to just get what they wanted, our pictures!!!


One time Mother was aired on a radio station, that she wouldn't have listened to for any amount of money, and would never have consented to an interview. They just called her up one morning and said is this Jeanie Tomaini?, my name is Joe or Bill, or whoever, and started to ask her questions, personal questions. She never even had an idea who she was talking to. All the time the conversation was going out on the air. We found out that afternoon, when people started coming to the bait shop, telling her they had heard her on the radio. Thank God, she was a lady, and never said anything that would have been compromising.


This is only one example of the things they will resort to, to get an interview. I find it much easier to say no, now as I understand where they are coming from.


So Slim, when one door closes, another one opens.


Guess who said that!!!!!


 Judy Tomaini Rock 08-27-1999 (R.I.P. HRH)



Judy Tomaini Rock, Jerry Springer on Bed of Nails and Unknown Cameraman


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