"We are Growing our own Giant"


Giants have existed since the beginning of time. As have little people. The pituitary gland at the base of your brain determines what size you will be. In the case of my Parents,


M Father was 8'4 1/2" and my Mother, who was born without legs, is only 2'6". I was adopted as a baby and am 5'5" as compared to my husband who is over 6'6".  We tell people here at the Giant's Camp, in Gibsonton, Fl. that we are growing our own Giant to take the place of my Father, who died Aug.30,1962 he was only 50 at the time. We had a Great grandfather who was also a very large Giant. We have never been able to find our much about him, as he was in Italy.


My Dad was wonderful, he was kind and considerate. He always had time for kids and would answer silly questions till the cows came home. He was very business wise, and provided a nice home for his family. He would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. On one occasion, he came home from a bad fire, (he was the fire chief) he ask Mother how she would like some new furniture, she told him it want necessary, he said it was, as the family had lost everything they had in the fire. He took them all our furniture, and had Mother go through mine and my younger sisters drawers and find clothes for them, that night we slept on the floor, our beds went too.


I am not sure just how many Giants there have been. I have a Giant Ring collection of about 10 different Giants, but there were many more. I am pretty sure Wadlow was the largest. There is an old hard back book called Giants I believe, that is a pretty good source on Giant information. Some of the men who called themselves Giants, were not even as tall as my husband. One of them being Tarver the Texas giant. He wore lifts in his shoes, and with the cowboy boots, and tall hat, he looked the part.


My Dad enjoyed his life very much, and adored his wife and kids. Even tho he had to always duck even in his own home, and cracked his head on every door way he met, he wouldn't have traded his life for anything in the world.


We only wish it could have been much, much longer.

03-09-1998 Judy Tomaini Rock R.I.P. Rustie



Al Tomaini as Fire Chief of Gibsonton Fl

provide by Judy Tomaini Rock


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