There's More to the Story with Henry Valentine


Henry Valentine is 84 years old he was born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado. 


Henry was 18 years old when he went to visit his brother in Loveland Co. which is about 14 miles from where he had been born and raised, Henry was still in high school. 


When he arrived his brother had made a jump to another show.  So he hung around the lot all day, that night when they tore down he ask Joe and Pauline Rider who operated the Monkey Speedway if they needed any help, so they put him to work.  Joe ask if he would like to go with them?  So he joined the show right then and there, that was1939.


He retired from the road in November of 2005 after a life long love of the industry.  Over the may years he has been in show business, Henry has work for some of the greatest showmen in the history of the sideshow, he has owned and operated his own shows and is known as one of the Greatest Talkers that has ever graced a bally platform.


Henry has a life time of experiences and we are excited and proud he has decide to share them with all of us at Sideshow World.



Henry Valentines original ID card for the Dodson's World Fair Shows 1943



A Visit with Henry Valentine


The Blow  Half & Half



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