I would sincerely like to thank and acknowledge those people who helped me in the creation of this work.

Without the encouragement of David F. Friedman I would have never even dared to venture into the world of outdoor showmanship. Dave did, however, suggest I buy rides instead of shows! Maybe I should have listened to him.

David L. Hewitt has been a real friend and the A.K. Brill catalog he gave me really started the ball rolling. Doug "Pygmy" Higley introduced me to a lot of great show people and Jeff Murray has been a constant source of inspiration (as well as a constant source of show memorabilia - much of which appears in this book).

Steve Armogida has had the questionable pleasure of opening numerous mysterious boxes and crates that have arrived at our offices not knowing what new horror was lurking inside. Laurie Sherman has had to endure the unceasing stare of Shrunken Orangutan Heads and two-faced pickled kittens, and done it admirably, I might add.

Robin Chaney has been a great help providing me with photos, info and dragging a new batch of exhibits out into the field to get my own show back in shape. (Sorry about sending the tattooed human skin over without warning you!)

Doug Hobart's contribution to my life and career (in both film and outdoor) has been one that has spanned twenty years. Everyone should be so lucky.

I would especially like to thank Malcolm Garey, whose name I inadvertently misspelled throughout the book as Malcom Geary, repeating the error perpetrated in an article in the August '92 issue of Carousel magazine. Sorry Malcolm...

I have enjoyed knowing and sharing information with Bryan Forbes and Mark Frierson. Without the assistance of all of these people I doubt I would have (or could have) written this book.

Hollywood, California

Thank you all.


All stories are copyrighted Fred Olen Ray and posted here with his express permission,


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