Endangered Species

By William Usher
The biography of a kid, born and raised in the carnival business, who relates some funny and interesting stories about a talker and a geek, gaffed-up freaks, croaked games, rip-offs, raids by the police, "Hey Rubes," a three hundred pound gorilla who thought a carnie strip-tease dancer was his mother, a sex-wise orangutan plus much, much more!

A rollicking, real life story of carnival life that moves from the 1920's through the 1960 s.
William "Fats" Usher tells it like it was, from his early years to the present, via a series of bawdy, mischievous, humorous, heartwarming, revealing and sometimes risqué stories of life on the midway!

A reading must for anyone who ever worked-on or visited a carnival midway.



Endangered Species a Book by William T Usher



"Why? What's the Reason?"

Is She Real?

When You See a Retiree

Chief Eagle Eyes Elixir

Willes Curiosity Shop

Imperial Chinese Jugglers

We sent Serpentina, the Snake Lady, Back Home!

 "Gal, Are You Making Any Money?"  

This Turkey Ready for Plucking

Tapped Out Flatter than a Pile of Cow Manure

"That's a No-No!"

It's all About.........

Them Thar' Hills

With My Luck She'd Start Climbing Trees

Back Then

She Believed We had Robbed a Store

Never Spank the Baby In the Face...............

The Outdoor Show World

The Last Time I Ever Took Anybody's Word

Yeh, ef it Vasn't Ver Dat Reno Vid Her Dam Ping Pong Balls

Me and The Fat Girl

He's Hip to all the Angles

An Old Age Home for Chimpanzees

I Still Remember the Line of Crap

Ducked Me Half a Yard for my End of the Action

The Place Had Been Sold


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I would like to thank Pete Koloszy for bring the stories of William T. Usher to my attention


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