Yeh, ef it Vasn't Ver Dat Reno

Vid Her Dam Ping Pong Balls


The young girl brought our order. As we ate, one of the locals says to the guy banging the cash register, "Hey Morty, you gonna go to the fair this week?" Morty replied, "Shit no! They don't have any girly shows like they used to have years ago, like when they had Reno, the girl from Nevada and her ping pong balls."

At that time, a middle aged woman working the griddle turns around and says in kind of a Dutch accent, "Yeh, ef it vasn't ver dat Reno vid her dam ping pong balls, I voodent haf dis pain in de ass here vaiting on de tables." I thought May would piss on herself laughing.

By then we had finished eating. The teenage gal came over to pick up the dishes and she asked May what she thought was so funny. May answered, "I'm Reno."

We got up, walked to the cashier, paid the bill and walked out. As we got in the car, all the men in the restaurant were looking out the window.

That winter, I had a bout with spinal meningitis and damn near croaked.
When I got out of the hospital, I was kind of disabled.

Phil Clark, a friend of ours, told us that he knew a guy down in Tampa who owned two motels and a TV repair shop, that was looking for someone to run one of his motels and gave May the guy's name, address and phone number.

May called and we got the job. We went down and took over the management of the Swan Motel on Nebraska Avenue.

After we were there about a month, May was routing through some old papers looking for my birth certificate, because I was past sixty two and applying for social security and needed it. While she was looking for the certificate, she ran across a card that Bob and Mae had given us a couple of years before. They told May and me that they had bought some land in Tarpon Springs and were going to retire and open a zoo.

May and I had forgotten all about it. She handed me the card, I read it and said, "Tarpon Springs. That ain't too far from here. Let's drive over this Sunday and see them There's not too much business then and maybe we can get the woman in number three to mind the store for a few hours. We asked the woman and she agreed. So that Sunday we drove over to Tarpon Springs. Sure enough, we found the zoo called Noah's Ark.
Bob and Mae were happy to see us. They showed us around the zoo and we cut up jackpots about the incident with the orangutan. May said, "You know, I've often wondered what would have happened if I had gone into the woods with him. " Bob replied,  "I don't know for sure, but you could have wound up with a doozey of a specimen for a sideshow!"
As we started to leave, Bob's wife walked with us to the car. On the way, she told us that the first couple of years, they had done real good with the zoo but then business fell off. All the animals they had, including two gorillas, fifteen chimps, one orangutan, twenty monkeys, one alligator, many birds, three dogs and four people, cost a lot of money to feed, not counting taxes, lights, water and sewage.

She continued by saying, "I don't know how long we'll be able to make it. Bob's talking about having to close. If the people that brought their chimps in to board for the winter paid their board bills, it wouldn't be so bad. Some of them have been here for three or four years and we haven't heard a word from them. You'd think that we were running an old age home for chimps." We then said good-bye and left.

Well, May and I went back to Tampa. A few days later, the police, vice squad and detectives came to the motel, stopped at the office and asked May if she would give her consent for them, to look around the motel and check out the rooms. May told them to go ahead and be our guests, that we didn't have anything to hide.

The fuzz got this woman out of the back seat of one of the police cars with a blindfold over her eyes and with one deputy on one side of her and one on the other, walked her to the front of the office. They stopped there, then walked her past the laundry room to one of the rooms in the back, then asked May to open the room. She did as they asked and they took the woman in and shut the door.

May figured that she might as well put a load of sheets and pillow cases in the washer, so she did that, added bleach and detergent, put it on the wash cycle, then took others out of the dryer and folded them. Then she went back to the office.

A few minutes late, the city detective and an officer came in and wanted to know the names and descriptions of the people that rented room number twelve the day before.

May checked her records and told them that she had rented it at six o'clock to a white male in his twenties with black hair and a beard. He was wearing a T-shirt with a Busch Gardens logo on the front. She also told them that he was driving a light blue Dodge van and gave them the license number of the vehicle. The detective checked the license number that he had of the woman's van and they were identical.


He said to the police officer, "Well, this is the place that he brought her to rape her. We've traced everything from the time he forced her into her van to room twelve, where she said she could hear a washing machine washing laundry." All the while that this was going on, a newspaper reporter was taking it all down in his notebook.


To be Continued


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