"Circus Memoirs"

 by George Middleton


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My Boyhood - 1

 Early Ventures 3

Old Time Circus Men 3

My Boyhood - 2

Early Ventures 4

On the Road 1

My Boyhood - 3

Animal Anecdotes 1

On the Road 2

In the Army - 1

Animal Anecdotes 2

On the Road 3

In the Army - 2

Animal Anecdotes 3

In Foreign Lands 1

Early Ventures 1

Old Time Circus Men 1

In Foreign Lands 2

Early Ventures 2

Old Time Circus Men 2

In Foreign Lands 3

Here ends my notes, as I have never kept a diary or a line in my life. It has been a queer and pleasant sensation to cast an attentive look behind into the calendar of my mind after a long and successful life.

What a vast number of events disappear in a life without leaving a trace; age modifies and changes the nature of our impressions but nevertheless does not blot them out.

Kind friend and reader, it is delicate to write of one's self; my friends have asked for my circus memoirs, and as you follow with me through the experiences I hope you enjoy them as much as I do to pass them on to you.

I wish it understood that this book was not written to fill a long-felt want, and I do not expect it to be one of the six best sellers.

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