Do Not Use this Area as a Donnikerr!


A few years back I was spending some time on the Big Circus Sideshow at the Utah State Fair.   Jim and I were setting in his house cutting up a few jackpots, all of a sudden Jim jumps up from his chair and out the door he goes.


There was this drunk guy in mid-stream just outside his backdoor.  Jim was more than patient with the young man as he helped him by the arm out of his backyard and down the midway.   The young fellow was a little indignant but proceeded to leave the area with a few descriptive expletives.


The funny thing is, if there is anything funny about someone pissing by your backdoor, there was a restroom about 35 feet up the midway.


I hope the next guy that thinks he needs to use the grass in the backyard can read!  Do Not use this area as a Donniker!


John Robinson Sideshow World


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