The Chattanooga News - May 14, 1904




Diavolo's Master Looping-the-Loop Feet


When the Forepaugh and Sells Brothers Enormous united Shows, which are in Watertown today, introduced in Madison Square Garden Diavolo, in his first and the only performance of looping the loop on a bicycle, the press of New York City accorded the achievement liberal illustrated and descriptive space as a most novel and wonderfully thrilling illustration of desperate daring and still-nerved skill.  From a point in the extreme height of the canvass dome Diazole makes a thrilling dash, at a rate of speed the eye can scarcely compass, down an incline plane one hundred and ten feet long, and then like a lightning flash makes a revolution in mid-air on his wheel.


 On the same scientific principle that a person swings a bucket filled with water in  circle without spilling the contents.  Diavolo loop on a bicycle, It is necessary to attain sufficient velocity to overcome the natural force of gravitation. Notwithstanding the fact that looping the loop is a practical demonstration of recognized scientific laws it is equally true that Diavolo is to-day the only man in the world who has ever accomplished this extraordinary feat, although several have attempted it, and invariably met with serious injury.


 He still rides with the great aggregation named, as now also do Prodigious Porthos, who on an ordinary  safety bicycle leaps across a chasm fifty feet in width, and "Cyclone," the cycling paradox, who miraculously scales the perpendicular inside of "The Devil's Chimney" awheel.


The Watertown Herald - August 13, 1904


Image and article courtesy of Mark Aubrey



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