Doll Family on the Ringling Circus Sideshow


New Attractions in R-B Sideshow


NEW YORK, May 1 - The Ringling Circus Sideshow is installed, as usual, in the basement of Madison Square Garden, with Fred Smythe in charge.  Smythe's staff here is made up of two lecturers, Charles A Zerm and Edwin Fairhurst.  Ticket sellers signed for the road are Red White, Bobby Hassonn and Zerm.

Attractions include the Doll family, midgets; Kutty Singlee, fire eater; Jospeh Nawrath, midget musician; Rasmus Nielson, strong man; Baby Irene (new), fat girl; Sid Krofft and His Peerless Puppets; Miss Patricia (new), sword swallower; Korianna, snakes; Johann Petursson (new), Iceland giant; Mr. and Mrs. Fischer, giant couple; Skeets Hubbard (new), human pincushion; Hanka Kelter (new), Long-haired girl; Frieda Pushnik, armless and legless wonder; Edward Hill (new), sponge cartoonist and Mo-Lay (new), comedy juggler.

When the Big Show hits the road a troupe of Bohemian glass blowers and Arthur A. Wright, with a 25 number colored band and minstrel show, will join Smythe's aggregation.


May 8, 1948 Billboard

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