Beehive Hairdo

by Eddie Miller Jr.


Dad's other favorite story was about a situation that happened due to mom's stubborn-ness.  Dad had told her that when she went to the hairdressers to keep her hair down against her scalp, as they were performing an act known as the Halo that night, in which knives would encircle Mom's head. Mom said OK and went to the hairdresser. That night she came back with a beehive hairdo.

All night, she tormented Dad during the show. In one of the final crowds of the night, that same hairdresser that did Mom's hair showed up in the crowd. Dad looked at Mom and said, "Do you want to know what I think of that dame hairdo? while tapping a knife in his palm.  He then threw the knife and split the hairdo right down the middle, sending half of it cascading down each side of her head.

The hairdresser passed out in the crowd.


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