Bridgeport CT. P. T. Barnum Sells Circus Animals 1875






There was a large attendance throughout the day at Barnum's sale of animals.   The elephants sold as follows: Albert, to Smith, for $3,000; Betsey to Stewart, for $4,500; Gipsy to Smith, for $3,150; Queen to same, for $3,000.


Smith did on one dromedary at $250; the remaining six sold to Smith for $200 each.  No bids on camels.


The rhinoceros was struck down to Davis for $3,500.


English stag bid off for Mr. Barnum for $11, for Seaside Park.  The giraffe sold to Davis for $1,000.  Smith bought one white bear for $650. and Mr. Davis the other at $575.  The performing den-one lion, one lioness, a Brazilian tiger and a leopard struck off to Davis for $2,500 for the lot.  Smith took on e ostrich at $300, Davis the other at the same price; water buffalo to Tanner at $60; yak to Davis at $55; three white deer to Stewart at $50 each.


Numerous other animals were offered, but not sold, including leopards, tigers, hyenas, elks, tapirs, llamas and kangaroos; two white bears,  one to Smith at $650 and one to Davis; gnu, or horned horse, to Tanner at $1,200, being the highest paid for any animal save the elephants.  Seventeen monkeys sold to Stewart for  $150; twelve performing monkeys to Smith for $250; two performing goats, one to Cushing at $50.   This is Alexis, for which Barnum paid Jarrett and Palmer $2,500.  One four-horned goat to Smith at $30;  eight English hounds two reserved by request for General Custer, the rest sold at $7 each.  King vulture to Tanner at $27.  Ten cockatoos to Stewart at $10.50.  Three rose cockatoos to Tanner at $4.  Two white peacocks to J. Neale, plumber of Fifth avenue at $55. A lot of twenty-five small birds, with cage, to Tanner at $23.  All the saddles and harness were sold to Miller, Morrison & Co. of New York.  The great Congress of Nations harness brought $1,000; it cost $10,000; sea lion cage to Smith for $300; sacred bull cage to Stewart, for $500; giraffe cages one to Smith for $500, the other for $495.  Barnum bought the baby hippopotamus for $25,000, the only animal bid for by him.

The sale closed at five o:clock, being postponed till to-morrow at ten A. M.  One hundred thousand dollars; worth of circus property and $60,000 of cuts will be offered in addition.

There were present among others, June, Nathan & Co., represented by Avery Smith; the veteran Robinson by A. G. Stewart; G. F. Bailey, of Danbury; John Wagner of Zoological Gardens, Philadelphia, and Tanner, of the Zoological Gardens, Cincinati.



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