Menagerie and Circus.




With the Celebrated Original




Admission, Box 25 cents.  Children under 8 yours of age, half price.

No money will be taken at the doors.


Will exhibit in Portland


JULY 4th!

and visit all the principal towns and cities in this

State during the month of July.



The Menagerie Department


consists of a beautiful and rare collection of Wild Beasts and Birds from all parts of the world.


The two performing Elephants will be introduced by their keeper, and go through many sagacious performances.


Mr. Parker, the celebrated tamer of wild beasts, will enter the Den of Lions and other trained animals in the presence of the audience, at 3 o'clock previous to the commencement of the Equestrian Performances.


The following are some of the Animals in this collection:-African Lion and Lioness, Numidian Leopard, Grizzly Bear, One White Polar Bear, Spotted Hyena, One California Lioness, Poonah Bear, Alpacca Kan-garoo, Rocky Mountain Bear, Jackall from South Africa, Kangaroo from New Holland, a Colony of Apes, Monkeys, Baboons, Parrots, Cranes, Owls, &c.,  Forming what is called a HAPPY FAMILY.



During the Exhibition, the visitor will have an opportunity of be-holding the real, genuine, original General TOM THUMB!  the celebrated and world renowned Man in Miniature, who is 22 years of age, weighs only 15 pounds, and is but 28 inches high!



TOM THUMB AND THE CIRCUS. - We understand there is a great exhibition coming off in Portland on the Fourth of July consisting of S. B. Howe's famous menagerie.  Stickney's troop of equestrian and the veritable General Tom Thumb of Barnum and European renown.  The General we are happy to learn although a few years older, is in excellent health and his shadow no greater than it was ten years ago.  Of the circus with which he is connected we have had the most favor-able accounts.  It's composed almost entirely of American performers among whom mention is made of Miss Stickney a young Lady of the most brilliant talent in her line, and is said to excel in her feats of equestrianism all the most popular demoiselle and signoras in the country.



Equestrian Entertainment.


Separate and distinct from the Zoological and Tom Thumb Ex-hibitions, are the following brilliant Circus Performances, to which the visitors of the two former, all those who choose, may attend without additional charge.  The circus troupe, it will be seen, contains some of the most prominent riders, vaulters, gymnasts, and comic talent in the country, and the entertainments given, are novel diversified brilliant.


We hope to see a full house.


Article from - The Eastern Argus - Portland, Maine - June 20, 1855   This article is not complete but represents most of the content.

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