Nov 30 / 86


Dear Nick!


Your multiple copies have been signed, ready to go!  They are the most brilliant expected!  I believe that is due to the critical photo copying equipment in use today.

I recall MARK FELDMAN (the publisher who died suddenly without a will) had some of my baby photos copied and made into 8 X 10'S . they were 100 times better than my originals!


As you know, his (FELDMAN'S) apartment was cleaned out when he died.  However I was fortunate to get my photos and manuscript back,  though I'm sure there will be lifting parts of my manuscript in future publications.  I'm not worrying one bit as I hope to get on and write even a better story.


"FREAKS" can be purchased for home use-VCR and people are now banging on my door to tell me about it.


I have several scenes to paint but I've put them on a back burner - they can wait.


We have just gotten thru November - the wettest, darkest month in years!  All records broken.




# 2


And now looking forward to Christmas BallyHoo 24 hours a day.  Our daily & Sunday paper is so loaded with Shopping and Girt ads, I can hardly lift it!


We did have a very quiet thanksgiving - Rob, me and Major, Breakfast sweet potato pie, coffee pancakes, country sausage.  DINNER was a different:  fried salmon cakes, mashed potatoes, noodles, biscuits.  Sparks flew off Major's plate when he saw his special cake (he loves fish!)  He gave me a hard time while I signed your pictures. So I flipped him around my neck the entire time.  And he enjoyed it!


Yes I have your exeroxed stills - including the one of Mrs. Browning and me on the tiny car. the same still that was "purloined" and I must say I am more than grateful for your fine gift of 8 X 10 stills for my own use to autograph.


You will notice I had to place a bit of Old Spice talcum on your pics to keep my ball point from skidding (An old circus trick I learned years ago.)


Keep up the good work, Nick God bless and thanx a million for everything.








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