October 16, 1986

Weather Cold

Dear Nick,


I am enjoying the photos you mailed me – they are fantastic – I am putting them in a hardcover binder, in plastic sleeves. Looks like a million dollar collection! (I only recently discovered the sleeves are made not far from Baltimore!)


Major (“General”, now…) is the most loved tiny dog in the world! He (would

you believe it?) just had his breakfast of scrapple and two small pancakes! I was

satisfied with an open peanut butter and jelly sandwich and small cup of coffee.


I have caught up on my painting and plan now to go all out on my writing up a

storm now. Nick, you have made me very happy with your interest in me and Major –

and collecting these unusual photos and memorabilia.


I was sorry to put a stop to a “flood” of fans? No - Nick ; plain curiosity seekers converging





on my humble home (Someone put an article in a circus newsletter saying I was “lonesome”) Well they didn’t do me any favor, believe me. Three and four in a group … every day … cameras, VCRs, and tapes. All looking and expecting me to wine, dine And entertain them with interviews for their own profit. One woman took her shoe off and broke the plate glass in our door, because I was a bit slow in opening it. I was furious! I said, “ Madam, what the hell are to trying to do … knock the Gawdamn door down? You better make other arrangements!” She flew up the street.  Another time I had a businessman visit and ask me to roll around on the floor for his amusement! I had to ask him to leave. I believe he was plain nuts. Oh, I’ve had some real kooks turn up in my life. I do want to put it all down, too!


Major is now sunning himself at the window. Soon, I will be firing up our wood and coal burning furnace. I love to start the fire, and watch the heavy logs burn. The flames flickering, the delicious smell of wood smoke (I dream I am in the country in an old farmhouse! … and I am at peace with the world and happy!!)

… caught Major - and

Have hugged, kissed his eye and tiny ice-cold nose- he loves to be loved- and now will sit on the step and watch for the mailman …


                                                                                                              Most sincerely

P.S. Thanx so much

for your kindness …







1- King of the Freaks - by R Crumb - copyright ©1981 John Eck

2- Background R Crumb - King of the Freaks


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