Letter to a Friend from Johnny Eck


My Dear Nick,                                                                                                 August 13- 86

Was thrilled to have your package of 4 8X10 photos - they are far better than any I have.


How can I ever thank you!


Mark Feldman (2 local publisher) had a fabulous collection of Freaks photos) didn't very sudden and left no will.  Those living close to his apartment in Silver spring, MO cleaned him out.


I was fortunate to get my original manuscript (loss one or two pages) returned - which means I shall have to re-write it.  However, the East Coast has been almost devoid of rain and suffering from HEAT.  I was forced to close my painting.  But that's good - I can now go back on my writing, hopefully to get something going this time around.


Nick, keep a look-out on 2 8X10 still showing me with Tod Browing's wife standing next to her miniature (compact sedan?) Nov. 1931.  I am on the hood of the car.  Also there's a great 8X10 shot floating of a line-up of the FREAKS wagons which were all ready to be smashed, burned or wrecked (8 in the line up) also those beautiful teams of heavy draft horses.  Mark Feldman had these photos, but they belonged to a collector friend of his.


(please over)


I have a friend in Boston who is also a collector but he has no photos to compare (as yet) with yours.


I believe Fory Ackerman can help all of us - Fory's tiny Chihuahua, Bonnie Barker, "writes" love letters - with photos to our "Major General"...


Mr. Nick, whatever you do or send to me is more than appreciated.  Keep up the good work.


P.S. those Famous Freak Photos really brought back some brilliant memories!


thank you so much!


Your East Coast correspondent


Johnny Eck










1- Cast of Todd Browning's Freaks

2- Background R Crumb - King of the Freaks


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