Back in 1969-71


Back in 1969-71 I purchased some items from Heaney. I traveled to see him and after searching most of the day for his house I found it. Unfortunately he had a stroke soon before and his wife (or daughter) would not allow us in to speak with him as she feared it would excite him.


While we stood on the front porch talking I could see the curtains moving very possibly Heaney looking out. We went around back of the barn/store room and peeked in and, yes, saw many props from his show. It was actually magicians, Mike Caveney and a few others (not Copperfield I believe) who purchased most of the salvageable items. Many/most were ruined by the weather element however. I still have the letters that Heaney would write to me and I did have an opportunity to purchase some of the Thurston items but I was a teenager with no money and besides..."What would I want with that old junk"?


I am still crying today.

Dan Stapleton

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