P.T. Barnum to Moses Kimball,

Letter 6, October 12, 1843

American Museum Oct. 12th [1843]

Dear Moses,

It's lucky for me that I didn't bet you the beaver for I expect you'll beat me high and dry -- Still if it don't rain Saturday I'll try to pick up on the strength of the Croton anniversary. I'll write you Saturday what I have taken thus far and then we will compare notes. I have agreed to let John Lefton have t[he] General one night next week at [?] 's for his Benefit. I am to take General on the stage and show him off -- and have somebody in the boxes call out to ha[ve] him passed around which I shall decline but express my regret at being obliged to do so, as he must return at once to the American Museum, but that they can see him shake hands and converse with him at the Museum any day during the week! Lefton gives me $50 -- and will not detain him 30 minutes. I have fixed Phillips. I have advised [?] to choose between starvation and wealth by extending his [?] with you and he says he will be very glad to do it if you (as I said you would) lay out a great amount (I told him $1000) [?] getting plays for her -- cracking her up etc. He don't know that [you] have suggested it but has promised me to propose it to you him[self] So that is O.K. A copy of Charles XII could not be got so I have borrowed this of John Lefton with a solemn promise that you will return it uninjured. --

[?]'s folks can't get the pony -- but propose [to] get another -- I decline and ask for my money, which they agree I shall have. Now my dear fellow what must I give you for your smallest. Touch me like a Christian of some fellow feeling and write by return express.
As ever thine in haste
Harrington has not had a single call for his Dioramas.

M. Kimball Esq.
Boston Museum

P.T. Barnum Letters To Moses Kimball - October 12, 1843 - Boston Athenaeum - Disability History Museum, www.disabilitymuseum.org  (March 04, 2009)


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