P.T. Barnum to Moses Kimball,

Letter 4, September 1, 1843


Am. Museum Sept. 1st 1843

Dear Moses

I am grieved vexed and disappointed [?] hear of the sickness and death (for I know she will die) of the Ourang Outang. D--n the luck -- I have puffed he[r] high and dry -- got a large transparency and a flag 10 [?] 16 feet painted for her -- besides newspaper cut [?] and now curse her -- she must up foot and die. -- [?] is peculiarly distressing from the fact that Tom Thumb[?] Cole -- his dog -- and Great Western all leave this week to
for her -- and she can't come! But some [?] will boil that way and I must grin and bear it. The [?] ar pic [sic] and Amphitheatre all open next Monday -- and of course catch me with my breeches down. --
I send you some papers to give you some i[dea] of the Buffalo chase -- no Buffalo is killed as reported in one of the papers -- they are all safe and right -- I do[n't] know yet how many were there, but probably abou[t] 12,000 -- giving me some $600 -- possibly more -- I shall [know?] precisely tomorrow morning, as it will [take?] them all day to count the sixpences. I expect we cant get up [?] half as good -- next week. -- You will see French advertisement in the papers I send. French is Fitzhugh.
I expect the Serenaders here for next week -- they have not come yet. We continue to take about $200 per day at [both?] Museums -- but next week shall not do half that.
Moses Kimball Esq.

P.T. Barnum Letters To Moses Kimball - September 1, 1843 - Boston Athenaeum - Disability History Museum, www.disabilitymuseum.org  (March 04, 2009)


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