I still have my PaPa's hat and spurs, for his Wild West Show.

He told me he worked 13 days for the hat at a dollar a day.

He was 1/2 Cherokee Indian his mother full Cherokee.

The neat thing about the hat is that the head band is made from the hairs of a horse's tail that his mother wove together for him.


A sideline to the ZAZA The Monkey Girl photo, the first time my kids found those photos, I told them that they were not supposed to of found it, that ZAZA was one of my great aunts and their generation could have children like ZAZA scared the hell out of them.



Later when they were a little older they looked at them again and saw that the name was on the back and that it was a post card and the trick was over. We all still laugh about that to this day.

Thanks again
Darrell Bailiff

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