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The Great Living SKELETON 


Daniel J. Major


The greatest living curiosity , as a skeleton in the known world.


D. J. Major stands 6 feet 4 inches, weighs 84 pounds only.  At the age of 18 years he weighed 189 pounds, and he has never been sick for one day always enjoying perfect health up to the present time, he now being 35 years of age.


$1000 REWARD


This sum is offered to any physician that will solve the mystery of his becoming as he is, and restore him to his original form again.


MR. MAJOR is a very intelligent man fond of conversation, and is willing to give a history of his life in a few words to any one that would be pleased to hear it.  He has travelled over 17 different States, and has been visited by thousands of Ladies and Gentlemen and has not as yet failed to give perfect satisfaction; and should any spectator feel the least dissatisfaction, that he has not seen curiosity enough to double his money, it shall without hesitation be refunded at the door of the sum being so small that it cannot prevent the most destitute person from attending.



I've found a reference to a book by Dan J Major 1865 -  Life of Daniel J. Majors the Living Skeleton


The information is from the Broadside below and is the only information I have on this Dan Major.  If you have additional information please email us at Sideshow World




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