One of the greatest

educational features

of our time



A sensational

thrill to

startie millions

Reaching the highest in anthropoid

education this in not a monkey or chimpanzeeact but a manlike beast

from the dawn of creation


Perfectly Schooled

and inculcated

with inconceivable



Fierce, unpredictable, and never before trained, the GORILLA has long been a challenge to man.  Paul DuChailu the famous explorer, who was the first to capture a GORILLA, quoted in his book, "ADVENTURES in EQUATORIAL AFRICA". 1890, "Several young GORILLAS, which my men captured alive, and remained with me for short periods till their deaths . . . in no case could any treatment of mine, kind or harsh, subdue these little monsters from their first and lasting ferocity and malignity.


The word GORILLA is synonymous with excitement, danger of King Kong and gigantic beasts, long since extinct.


The word GORILLA will mean crowds for you show.


Benjamin B. Burbridge stated in his book, "GORILLA TRACKING AND CAPTURING THE APEMAN OF AFRICA".  "Besides taking motion pictures of wild GORILLA, I had captured many of their young, which were savage, unrelenting, and uncompromising in their attitudes."


Young GORILLAS, unlike most other apes, are unhappy in captivity, likely to turn their faces to a corner and die within a few days.  Jack Badal has overcome these problems and obstacles in accomplishing the incredible.



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