The Egg of Doom!


By Harley Newman





Four Feet High by Six Feet Across


Ladies and Gentlemen, you may have heard of the snake-headed eel, discovered a few years ago in the waters of Maryland. A snaggle-toothed, mistakenly imported alien creature with the ability to live out of water, searching for streams where it hadn't devoured
everything that moved. A creature that grows as fast as it eats, small fish, large fish, turtles, anything that smells like food and gets in its way. The snake-headed eel, eating everything in it's path, polluting the water it leaves behind.

I'm sorry to say, we don't have a snake-headed eel, ladies and gentlemen. We don't have a snake-headed eel, we have something worse.

Professor J.S. Lorenzo , of the University of Southern North Dakota, an entymologist, was recently on an exploratory expedition in West Texas, and discovered a creature that appears to be in the same family as the snake-headed eel, only larger, a voracious feeder with the ability to jump hundreds of miles in a single night.

Professor Lorenzo  was last seen in El Paso, having just finished notifying his superiors of his amazing discovery, an incoherent report full of "biggest" and "bests". He had with him, money to fund his research, credit cards not being accepted in El Paso. He may have visited a fair, though this cannot be confirmed at this time. But our fear, is that he went looking for his recent find, reputedly a 30 foot monster with a mustache.

One of his shoes was found, at the head of a trail of slime, which proceeded in a westerly direction for a hundred yards, and then disappeared. The trail was found another hundred yards on, and proceeded in that way, a disgusting dotted line into the desert, heading in the general direction of California.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we fear for Los Angeles, but we can be grateful that the creature has moved away from here.

Or has it? There was one other thing, at the head of that slime trail.  It appeared to be a simple mound of sand, about four & half feet high, six & half feet across. Upon brushing away the dust, forensic investigators discovered what appears to be a giant egg, roughly ovoid in shape, with a shell that appears to be somewhat leathery.

Now ladies and gentlemen, an egg, being an egg, cannot be held culpable in what may be a criminal investigation. Having not hatched, it couldn't be a participant in nefarious activities. And so the forensic investigators left it there.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have that egg. We felt, that in the name of science, we should attempt to preserve that egg, so that we could discover what it is, that we're going to be up against. Right here, right now, is where you can see it. And sometimes, ladies and gentle- men, it moves. What's in the egg? You must decide for yourself.

We've gone to considerable expense to preserve the egg, a custom built trailer, a soft nest, warm lights. We've enclosed the trailer in a cage, just in case, with bars an inch and a half thick. You must see this now. And we make no apology for asking that you contribute a
little to help us preserve this thing, the government would like to ignore. A mere dollar, to see what may be the most dangerous creature, ever to be exhibited.


Step right up! See it now! The egg of doom!


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