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Which reminds me of a Story..... Years ago, while on Culpepper.. We played a festival in Oklahoma...(the name of the town escapes me) called "SUCKER DAYS"


I asked the sponsors, How come you call it "Sucker Days" and he replied, Years ago a Gentleman came into Town and booked a CIRCUS, he stayed a week putting up posters and selling Advance tickets. He sold quite a few as a Circus had not been there for years.....Then he left..... On the day of the show there was a Big crowd out at the Circus lot to watch the SETUP.... they waited and waited.... but NO Circus... when they realized they HAD been Taken... they decided to get Food and Drink and have a Party! Thus "SUCKER DAYS" was born!


Now the year we were there also happened to be, the ??th anniversary (again, my memory evades me) of "SUCKER DAYS" And the Chairman had located the Gentleman, and called him to say "hey look, alls forgiven, its are ANNIVERSARY, and we would like you to come as OUR guest of HONOR for indirectly starting our Festival" the Gentleman stated "Sure but I'm a little short on CASH, can you send ME travel MONEY" the Chairman said, NO we've been that Route already GOOD DAY......


I have a "HUNCH" no one is going to show up this WEEK to pick up their 6-legged Bovine...


I could be WRONG...


I have been BEFORE.......The Curator


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