"Head Down Harry"


Early '70s,


My brother and I headed out to the show lot at about 6:00am to help set up the Sell's and Gray Circus....While wandering around a fellow asked us if we wanted to make some MONEY.... We said Sure (normally the circus gave us a free ticket) the fellow lead us to a Elephant truck and told us to CLEAN it out....


Man what a lot-O-Sh**! after about 45 min. we finally FINISHED.... we found the Fellow and asked him if we could be Paid now.... He replied, you like that work, We said ,Not bad... he thru us each a quarter, and said, good! show up in Antigo tomorrow, we'll be there, and you can do it again!


My brother and I stared dumbfounded as we clenched our

1 measly quarter EACH.....

Fast forward to 1982.... Sun city AZ. I was working as a prop hand at the Sun Dome for The Big John Strong Circus..when Texas Annie pulled in with the Donnie Johnson Elephants.... after a few minutes her "GROOM" strolled around the truck....I hollerd hey, I think I know YOU... the "GROOM" replied HOW do you Know ME!!!! I repeated the 1st part of the story..... and he reached into his pocket and thru ME a quarter and said "I'll have the Bulls out in about 15 minutes then its all yours!!"

I never cleaned Out the TRAILER, but I did keep the quarter....


But after all those years... I did learn the fellows NAME... Harry Freed AKA "Head Down Harry"


True Story.......The Curator

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