This is the story of Ferdinand The Bull...


Once upon a time while traveling in WI. with the C & M circus, a man approached me about a Dexter Kelly bull for my sideshow. He said the bull was becoming a little much to handle, but was a great attraction @ 38 inches in height.  Well having another attraction was attractive, so, I asked how much. $500 smackers, a bargain, as this was a beautiful animal . He was jet black, with a huge rack and weighed about 600lbs. I told the
man to bring him to the next lot. He was calm and quite friendly. So began Ferdi's career on the Cainan's Curiosities Show. All of my help that year were rancheros from Puebla MX. and the next day my right hand man Adolpho, says, we should shoot this bull now, before he kills someone. I was shocked, "why" I asked, "he seems like a sweet heart".
Adolpho proceeded to tell me that by his stance and mannerisms, he could tell the bull would be tough. I laughed it off and figured," what could he know". Ferdi did great for about two months, then one day.....

He downs my cousin Jason, on his way from the trailer to the tent.
Rolls him around, pokes a couple small holes, then retreats to the pen in the tent. I make the rule that day, no one touches the bull except me, figuring they had teased him or something to get him to attack.

Jump ahead a month, I am making a jump in Mo. and break down with elephant semi. I tell my cousin, to go ahead with the stock trailer and get set up on the lot. I specifically say "unload all the animals EXCEPT THE BULL". Now Jason was very capable with all the animals, some of which, were aggressive. He and the three grooms arrive, set up, and unload. Leaving the bull inside. Now while I wait for a drum on the side of the road, they become worried the bull may be thirsty.

He and another Jason (odd but I had 3 Jasons that year) decide it will be safer to unload him then water him in the trailer. It goes very very very bad. An hour later when I arrive, pieces from the inside of my stock trailer are outside of it. I ask Jason #2, "where the F#&@ is Jason #1" he says, "at the hospital". I ask of course, "WHY".

Apparently, they un hooked him in the trailer, without a rope on him and he downed Jason #1, AGAIN. This time goring him pretty good.

The other Jason pulls Jason 1 out, shuts the door, leaving Ferdi loose and pissed in the trailer, were he removes some of the wall.  Also in the scuffle, he removed some skin from Jason #1's penis. That's rite, his pee-pee. So after 12 stitches down there, he finally learned to stay way from the bull. I how ever kept Ferdi for another 7 months, 6 stories later (finally had one with me in it) I sold him, which is another story to itself.

by Casey Cainan
(Messed with the bull, got the horn)

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